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Fokker F27 Friendship
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Fokker F27MPA Maritime

Fokker F27 Maritime
A Fokker F27 Maritime on patrol. (Photo: Fokker)

About the Fokker F27 MPA Maritime

In 1982 territorial waters were extended to 200 nautical miles (370km) from the coast. This meant that many countries had to patrol these waters to keep an eye on what happened there. The best solution for this is the use of patrol aircraft.
For this purpose Fokker developed a special version of the Friendship, the F27 MPA Maritime (MPA=Maritime Patrol Aircraft). The Maritime can be used for fishery protection, anti-drugs smuggling patrol, SAR (search and rescue), pollution detection and mapping and other tasks.

The Maritime has a completely different interior. Under the fuselage is a radar dome and there are facilities for dropping flares and signals during flight over sea. A special cockpit-window improves the view from the cockpit for looking around. Extra fuel in underwing tanks helps the Maritime to patrol 10 to 12 hours at a stretch.
The first flight of a modified F27 was on 28 February 1976. A further development was the Maritime Enforcer for attacking enemy ships and submarines. This version had pylons on the wing to carry weapons.

The Sentinel was a proposed version for border patrol and is fitted with a side-looking radar (SLAR) beneath the fuselage. The Fokker Kingbird is an Airborne Early Warning aircraft based on the Friendship.
Fokker showed demonstration aircraft of both the Maritime Enforcer and the Sentinel at the Farnborough Air Show in 1984. Another special F27-version is the Black Crow, intended for electronical intelligende (ELINT). Fokker developed the Maritime and the other special versions based on the Fokker 50 airframe as well.

Fokker Maritime

One of my first ever aircraft pictures was of this F27 Maritime, seen during a rainy Open Day of the Dutch air force.

Fokker F27 Maritime Enforcer Specifications

Length: 77ft 3in (23.56m).
Wing span: 95ft 2in (29.00m).
Height: 27ft 11in (8.50m).

Empty weight: 32,117lb (14,568kg).
Max takeoff weight 45,900lb (20,410kg).

Cruising speed: 287kt (463km/h).
Range: 3,107nm (5,000km).

Two 2,140shp Rolls-Royce Dart Mk.536-7R turboprops.


At the Farnborough air show of 1984 Fokker showed demonstration models of the Maritime Enforcer and the Sentinel.

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