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Fokker F27 Friendship
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Friendship versions

F27 Mk.100
First production model. 85 aircraft sold.

F27 Mk.200
Version with more powerful Rolls-Royce Dart Mk.532 turboprop engines. 117 built.

F27 Mk.300 'Combiplane'
Has a combined interior for passengers and cargo. 13 aircraft built.

F27 Mk.300M 'Troopship'
Military transport aircraft, built for the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

'Combi' passenger/cargo aircraft with a large cargo door. This version also uses the Rolls-Royce Dart 7 turboprop engine.

F27 Mk.400M = C-31A 'Troopship'
Military version for US Army. Of all Mk.400 versions 95 built.

F27 Mk.500
Stretched aircraft wit a 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in) longer fuselage, accommodating 52 passengers. First flight in November 1967. Return to Dart Mk 528 engine.

F27 Mk.500M
Military version of the Mk.500.

F27 Mk.500F
A special version of the Mk.500 built for Australia. It has smaller front and rear doors. Of all Mk.500 versions: 123 built.

F27 Mk.600
Cargo version of the Mk.200. 131 built.

F27 Mk.700
F27 Mk.100 variant with a large cargo door;

F27 Maritime
Maritime reconnaissance and patrol aircraft.

F27 Maritime Enforcer
Armed version of the Maritime. Of all Maritime versions: 17 built.

Fairchild Versions

Licence version built by Fairchild. Included a longer nose than the Fokker F27, because of the installation of a weather radar.

US counterpart of the F27.Mk200.

Version with a large cargo door, like the Mk.300. Only three aircraft built.

Executive version of which 17 were built.

This version was optimised for use at 'hot and high' airports.

Stretched version with a 1.83 m (6ft 0in) longer fuselage and 52 seats. Flew for the first time on 2 February 1966.

Model of the FH-227 with new-style windshields, which decreased drag and increased speed.

Improved FH-227-version with new propeller.

Improved and renamed FH-227B.

Modified version of the F-227C with Dart Mk.232-7L.

Fokker F27 NLM Cityhopper

NLM Cityhopper, now KLM Cityhopper, flew several versions of the Friendship.
The photograph shows a stretched F27 Mk.500.

Fokker F27Mk.100

Length: 77ft 3in (23.56m).
Wingspan: 95ft 2in (29.00m).
Height: 27ft 11in (8.50m).

Empty weight: 22,593lb (10,257kg).
Max take-off weight: 39,000lb (17,710kg).

Cruise speed: 266mph (428km/h).
Max range: 1,250nm (2,010km).

Two 1,670shp (Rolls-Royce Dart 6 Mk.514-7
Capacity: 44 passengers.

Fokker F27Mk.500

Length: 82ft 3in (25.06m).
Wingspan: 95ft 2in (29.00m).
Height: 28ft 7in (8.71m).

Empty weight: 27,964lb (12,684kg).
Max take-off weight: 44,996lb (20,410kg).

Cruise speed: 292mph (470km/h).
Range with max payload: 668nm (1,075km).

two 2,140shp Rolls-Royce Dart 7 Mk.536-7R
Capacity: 52 passengers.

Fokker F27 Friendship
Jersey European (now British European) flew Fokker F27 Mk.500s on services from the Channel Islands. The aircraft on the picture are being handled at Guernsey Airport.

Fairchild F-27A

Length: 82ft 8in (25.25m).
Wingspan: 95ft 2in (29.00m).
Height: 27ft 11in (8.50m).

Empty weight: 21,353lb (9,685kg).
Max take-off weight: 42,000lb (19,050kg).

Cruise speed: 300mph (483km/h).
Range with max payload: 912nm (1,468km).

Two 1,535shp Rolls-Royce Dart 6 Mk.514-7
Capacity: 40 passengers.

Fairchild FH-227

Length: 83ft 8in (25.50m).
Wingspan: 95ft 2in (29.00m).
Height: 27ft 7in (8.41m).

Empty weight: 22,736lb (10,313kg).
Max takeoff weight: 43,500lb (19,730kg).

Cruise speed: 294mph (473km/h).
Range with max payload: 613nm (987km).
Range with max fuel: 2,694nm (4,309km).

two 2,100shp Rolls-Royce Dart 7 Mk.532-7L
Capacity: 56 passengers.

FH-227 TAT

The French airline TAT (Touraine Air Transport) flew several
Fairchild-Hiller FH-227 aircraft in a remarkable livery.

A total of 692 aircraft has been built of all Friendship versions, including 206 by Fairchild (became Fairchild-Hiller after a merger in September 1964). Licence-production with Fairchild-Hiller ended in December 1968.

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