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Fokker 100
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Fokker F28

The Fokker 100 is based on the smaller F28 Fellowship jetliner. Development of this type began in 1960. The aircraft was intended to complement the Fokke F27 turboprop. The first flight was on 9 May 1967.
The first version of the Fellowship was the Mk 1000, with between 55 and 65 seats. The Mk 2000 was a stretched version with up to 79 seats. The Mk. 3000 and Mk. 4000 were improved versions of the 1000 and 2000 respectively. The Mk.4000 had extra emergency exits above the wing and seated up to 85 passengers.
The Mk.5000 and Mk.6000, based on the 1000 and 2000 respectively, had a longer span wing and leading edge slats but no 5000s and only two 6000s were built. F28s are still operational, mainly in third-world coutries. Fokker built a total of 241 F28s.

Fokker F28 SAS

A Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) Fokker F28 Mk.4000 at Zürich Kloten Airport.

Fokker F28 Mk.3000/4000 Specifications

Length: 89ft 11in (27.40m) (Mk.4000: 97ft 2in (29.61m).
Wing span: 82ft 3in (25.07m).
Height: 27ft 10in (8.47m).

Empty weight Mk.3000: 16,965kg (37,400lb)
Max takeoff weight Mk.3000: 73,000lb (33,110kg).
Empty weight Mk.4000: 38,900lb (17,645kg).
Max takeoff weight Mk.4000: 73,000lb (33,110kg).

Max cruising speed 455kt (843km/h).
Range Mk.3000 with 65 passengers 1710nm (3170km).
Range Mk.4000 with 85 passengers 1125nm (2085km).

Engines: two 9900lb (44.0kN) RollsRoyce RB1832 Spey Mk 55515P turbofans.
Max seating: 65 in Mk.3000, 85 in Mk 4000.

Fokker F70 KLM Cityhopper

KLM Cityhopper is the biggest user of the Fokker 70.

Fokker 70 Specifications

Length: 101ft 5in (30.91m).
Wing span: 28.08m (92ft 2in).
Height: 27ft 11in (8.50m).

Empty weight: 49,985lb (22,673kg).
Max takeoff: 81,000lb (36,740kg). Option up to 92,000lb (41,730kg).

Cruise speed: Mach 0.77.
Range with 79 passengers: 1085nm (2010km). Option: 1840nm (3410km)

Engines: two 13,850lb (61.6kN) Rolls-Royce Tay Mk.620 turbofans.
Max seating: 79.

Fokker 70

The Fokker 70 is a shortened version of the earlier Fokker 100. The development of this airliner began in November 1992 as a replacement for the F28 and to complement for the 100. The Fokker 70 is about as large as the F28.
Construction of the first Fokker 70 began in 1992 with removing two fuselage plugs from the second Fokker 100 prototype - one forward of the wing and one rear of the wing. The first flight was on 4 April, 1993. The first delivered aircraft was an executive jet for the US car manufacturer Ford.
The Fokker 70 and 100 have identical wings, airframes, systems and EFIS flightdecks. The Fokker 70 was offered Tay Mk.620 turbofans only. The 70 and 100 were built on the same production line.
Because of Fokker's collapse in 1996, production of the Fokker 70 and 100 ended in early 1997. By then 48 Fokker 70s were built.

Fokker 130

The Fokker 130 was to become a stretched version of the Fokker 100, seating around 130 passengers. Because of Fokker's collapse in 1996 this aircraft was never developed.

Fokker 120

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