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Fokker 100
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Fokker 100 Air Europe

Fokker 100s of the former British airline Air Europe are being handled at London Gatwick around 1990.

Fokker 100 Specifications

Wing span: 92ft 2in (28.08m).
Length: 116ft 7in (35.53m).
Height: 27ft 11in (8.50m).

Empty weight with Tay 620: 53,738lb (24,375kg).
Max takeoff weight with Tay 620: 95,000lb (43,090kg ).
Empty weight with Tay 650: 54,103lb (24,541kg).
Max takeoff weight with Tay 650: 101,000lb (45,810kg).

Max cruising speed: 456kt (845km/h).
Range with Tay 620: 1,323nm (2,505km).
Range with Tay 650: 1710nm (3167km).

Engines: two 13,850lb (61.6kN) RollsRoyce Tay Mk 620
or two 15,100lb (67.2kN) Mk 650 turbofans.

Max single class high density seating for up to 122 passengers.

Fokker 100

Fokker 100 production at Schiphol. (Photo: Fokker)

Fokker 100 American Airlines
American Airlines once was the biggest user of the Fokker 100 with 75 aircraft in service. The aircraft
on the picture is landing at Chicago Midway Airport.

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