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Douglas DC-4 / DC-6 / DC-7
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DC-4 Skymaster

Brooks Fuel is a cargo airline based at Fairbanks in Alaska. It carries petroleum products to communities in the state flying Douglas DC-4 airliners. The aircraft on the photograph is approaching Fairbanks Airport.

This is an ex-military C-54G Skymaster (DC-4) of Florida Air Transport at Opa Locka near Miami. The aircraft has also flown as a firefighter, thence the number on the tail.

DC-4 Skymaster

DC-6 Everts Air Cargo

Anchorage Ted Stevens Airport has a lot of cargo activity, not only by modern companies like Federal Express, but also by a few small airlines still operating piston-engined airliners. Everts Air Cargo is an example of the latter type of airline and part of the fleet is a number of Douglas DC-6 aircraft.

This aircraft is Douglas C-118B Liftmaster (DC-6A) in service with Florida Air Transport. The cargo airline is based at Opa Locka Airport.

DC-6 Skymaster

DC-6 Northern Air Cargo

Among the airlines operating piston-engined airliners from Anchorage, Alaska, is Northern Air Cargo. The photograph shows a DC-6 on approach.

A Douglas DC-7 is a very rare sight. The aircraft on the picture, a DC-7B freighter, is photographed on the apron of Florida Air Transport at Opa Locka Airport.

Douglas DC-6

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