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Aero Favourite 6
Douglas DC-4 / DC-6 / DC-7
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DC-6 Northern Air Cargo


A Douglas C-54 Skymaster used by Biegert Aviation for aerial spraying in the US around 1990.

DC-4 / C-54 Specifications

Length: 93ft 10in (28.60m).
Wingspan: 117ft 6in (35.81m).
Height: 27ft 7in (8.38m).

Empty weight: 43,300lb (19,640kg).
Max takeoff weight: 73,000lb (33,112 kg).

Max speed: 244kt (451km/h).
Cruising speed: 197kt (365km/h).
Range: 2,172nm (4,023km).

Engines: four 1,450 shp (1,081kW) Pratt & Whitney R-2000 Twin-Wasp radial piston engines.
Capacity: 44 to 80 passengers or up to 11,440lb (5,189kg) of cargo.

DC-6B Specifications

Length: 105ft 7in (32.18m).
Wingspan: 117ft 6in (35.81m.)
Height: 8ft 8in (8.74m).

Empty weight: 55,357lb (25.110 kg).
Max takeoff weight: 107,000lb (48.534 kg).)

Cruising speed: 274kt (507 km/h).
Range with max payload: 2,610nm (4,836 km).
Range with max fuel: 4,102nm (7,596km).

Engines: four Pratt & Whitney R2800 Double-Wasp radial piston engines.
Capacity: 44 to 86 passengers.

DC-6 Air Atlantique

Air Atlantique, based at Conventry Airport in Britain, flies a lot of historic airplanes, including the Douglas DC-6.
Douglas DC-7

This DC-7 has undergone a conversion to firefighter. It was flown by T & G Aviation from Chandler Memorial in Arizona.

DC-7C Specifications

Length: 108ft 11in (33.24m).
Wingspan: 117ft 6in (35.81m).
Height: 31ft 8in (9.65m).

Empty weight: 72,763lb (33,005kg).
Max takeoff weight: 143,000lb (64,864kg).

Max speed: 353kt (653km/h).
Cruising speed: 308kt (571km/h).
Range with max payload: 3,135nm (5,810km).

Engines: four 3,400hp (2m535kW) Wright R3350 turbo-compound radial piston engines.
Capacity: 74 to 110 passengers, or, for DC-7F: 34,600lb (15,700kg) of cargo.

Douglas DC-7 Trans Air Link
The only DC-7 I ever saw in flight was this cargoplane operated by Trans Air Link. The aircraft on the
picture is approaching Trans Air Link's homebase Miami International Airport. Note that the
propeller of the inside starboard engine doesn't work.

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