Douglas DC-4 / DC-6 / DC-7

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Aero Favourite 6
Douglas DC-4 / DC-6 / DC-7
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Douglas C-54 KLM   Douglas DC-4 American Airlines
KLM was among the first European airlines flying the C-54 after World War Two. (Photo: KLM) One of the big US airlines
that operated the DC-4 was American Airlines. (Photo: American Airlines).

Douglas DC-6 Iscargo

This Douglas DC-6 of Iscargo from Iceland was the first DC-6 I ever photographed. The picture is taken during
the late seventies at Rotterdam Zestienhoven Airport.

Douglas DC-6 Balair

A Balair Douglas DC-6 taxies over the apron of Amsterdam Schiphol in the late 1970s.
Balair was one of the last airlines flying passengers with a DC-6 in Europe.

Douglas DC-7C KLM

KLM operated 15 Douglas DC7C Seven Seas aircraft. (Photo: KLM)

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