Convair CV-240 - CV-640
Convairliner / Metropolitan

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Aero Favourite 11
Convair CV-240 / CV-340 / CV-440 / CV-580 / CV-640
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Convair Convairliner

A line-up of Convair CV-440's of North Central Airlines. (Photo: North Central Airlines)
Convair Convairliner Lufthansa

A Lufthansa CV-340.

Convair Convairliner Sabena

A Sabena CV-240. (Photo: Sabena)

Convair CV-240

American Airlines was the first user of the CV-240. (Photo: Convair)

Convair Convairliner

A Swissair CV-240. (Photo: Swissair)

Convair Convairliner

KLM flew twelve CV-240s. (Photo: KLM)

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