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Concorde British Airways

Concorde prototype

One of the Concorde prototypes is now in the collection of the Musée de l'Air at Paris Le Bourget Airport.


The Concorde has a complex but elegant delta wing.
(Photo: British Airways)

BAC-Aérospatiale Concorde

Wing span: 83ft 10in (25.56m).
Length: 203ft 9in (62.17m).
Height: 37ft 5in (11.40m).

Empty weight: 173,500lb (78,700kg).
Max takeoff weight: 408,000lb (185,065kg).

Max cruising speed: Mach 2.04 or 1,176kt (2,179km/h).
Range with max payload: 6,230km (3,360nm).
Range with max fuel: 3,550nm (6,580km).

Engines: four 4 Rolls-Royce/Snecma Olympus 593 Mk.610 with afterburners, 38,050lb (170.2kN).

Capacity: 128-144 passengers.

Concorde British Airways

A British Airways Concorde high in the sky. (Photo: British Airways)

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