Boeing 747 'Jumbo Jet'

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Boeing 747 'Jumbo Jet'
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Boeing 747 Northwest Airlines

A Boeing 747-200F of Northwest Airlines Cargo.

Boeing 747-200B

Wing span: 195ft 8in (59.64m).
Length: 231ft 10in (70.66m).
Hight 63ft 5in (19.33m).

Empty weight (with CF6-80C2): 380,800lb (172,730kg),
Max takeoff weight: 833,000lb (377,840kg).
Max takeoff weight 747-100SR: 600,000lb (272,155kg).

Max speed: 981km/h (530kt) (with RR engines).
Economical cruising speed: 907km/h (490kt).
Range (CF6-80C2 engines) 12,778km (6,900nm).

four 54,750lb (243.5kN) Pratt & Whitney JT9D7R4G2s or
four 52,500lb (233.5kN) General Electric CF650E2s, or
four 53,110lb (236.2kN) RollsRoyce RB211524D4s.

Capacity: 397-500 passengers or, for 747-200F, a max payload of 247,800lb (112,400kg).

Boeing 747 SP

Length: 184ft 9in (56.31m).
Wing span: 195ft 8in (59.64m).
Height: 65ft 5in (19.94m).

Empty weight: 325,000lb (147,420kg).
Max takeoff weight: 700,000lb (317,515kg).

Max speed 540kt (1000km/h).
Range with 336 passengers: 5,855nm (10,840km).

Four 48,750lb (218.4kN) Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7AW turbofans, or
four 50,100lb (222.8kN) Rolls-Royce RB211-524Bs, or
four 46,500lb (206.8kN) General Electric CF6-50E2-Fs.

Capacity: 288-440 passengers.

Jumbo Jet

Boeing 747-400 of the French airline Corsair.

Boeing 747-300

Wing span: 195ft 8in (59.64 m).
Length: 231ft 10in (70.66 m).
Hight 63ft 5in (19.33 m).

Empty weight (with CF6-50): 387,400lb (175,721kg) with CF6-50s.
Max takeoff weight: 833,000lb (377,840kg).

Max cruising speed (with CF6-80): 507mph (939km/h).
Range with 400 passengers (with CF6-80): 6,700nm (12,408km).

Four 243.5 kN (54,750lb) Pratt & Whitney JT9D7R4G2 turbofans, or
four 236.3kN (53,110lb) RollsRoyce RB211524D4s, or
four 233.5kN (52,500lb) General Electric CF650E2s, or
four 252.2kN (56,700lb) General Electric CF6-80C2B1s.

Capacity: 370-544 passengers.

Boeing 747-400

Wing span: 211ft 5in (64.44m).
Length: 231ft 10in (70.66m).
Hight 63ft 8in (19.41m).

Empty weight: (CF6-80-C2B1Fs): 398,500lb (180,755kg).
Max takeoff weight: 850,000lb (385,555kg).
Max takeoff weight 747-400ER/ERF: 910,000lb (412,770kg).

Max cruising speed: 507kt (939km/h).
Range with 420 passengers (PW4000): 7,284nm (13,491km).
Range 747-400ER with max takeoff weight: 7670nm (14,205km).

Four 56,750lb (252.4kN) Pratt & Whitney PW-4056 turbofans, or
four 56,750lb (252.4kN) General Electric CF6-80-C2B1Fs, or
four 58,000lb (258.0kN) RollsRoyce RB-211-524G or -524Hs.

Capacity: 315-544 passengers or 112.670 kg of cargo (ERF).

Boeing 747 Korean Air

A Boeing 747-400ERF of Korean Air approaches Frankfurt Airport.

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